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Research Groups

Often referred to as the heart and soul of the ABRF, Research Groups (RGs) are organized by ABRF members to advance specific biotechnologies and analytical techniques for the benefit of core and research laboratories. This is done primarily by developing research studies whereby participating laboratories can gauge their ability to perform a given analytical technique(s) and, importantly, to gauge the effectiveness of that technique or methodology in real laboratory situations. 

RG areas of expertise cover a wide range of biotechnologies and are listed in the menu to the right.  If you are interested in their research studies or want to become involved in a research group, please check out their web pages and contact one of their members for more information.

Flow Cytometry Research Group honors Drs. Leonard and Lenore Herzenberg during their 2013 ABRF Award presentation.

Former Research Groups

Recently Retired:
Antibody Technology - ARG (data and history transferred to current Antibody Technology Interest Network)

Amino Acid Analysis - AAARG
Carbohydrate Analysis - CARG

Computational Biology - CBRG
Mass Spectrometry - MSRG
Molecular Interactions - MIRG
Nucleic Acids - NARG
Peptide Standard Project - PSPC

Peptide Synthesis - PSRG
Protein Expression - PERG
Protein Identification - PIRG
Edman Sequencing - ESRG (data and history transferred to current Protein Sequencing RG
Quality and Compliance - QCRG
Survey - SRG

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