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RG/Comm Member of the Year 2018

Emily Chen
Emily Chen:  The 2018 ABRF Robert A. Welch Outstanding Research Group/Committee Member of the Year Award

The ABRF Robert A. Welch Outstanding Research Group/Committee Member of The Year recognizes the significant contributions of members of the ABRF RGs and Comms. This year's awardee, Emily Chen, has been active in both categories. 
Emily has been a driving force in the ABRF.  She founded ABRF's Workflow Interest Network in 2016.  Known as WIN for short, the group's mission is to increase reproducibility of mass spectrometry data and provide recommendations for reproducible inter-laboratory workflows.  Emily continues to serve as chair of the WIN research group.  During this past year, she also took on the responsibility of serving on the 2018 Program Committee.  Her focus has been on building the Mass Spectrometry content and community for this meeting. 
For all her contributions, and the contagious passion and energy that she has poured into the ABRF, the 2018 award is presented to Emily Chen.
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