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Genomics Bioinformatics (GBIRG)


The goals of the Genomics Bioinformatics Research Group (GBIRG) are:

    1. To provide collaborative bioinformatics and bio-IT support for ABRF genomics focused research group studies.

    2. To explore collaborations with the ABRF proteomics bioinformatics focused research groups.

    3. To investigate questions of interest to all genomics focused bioinformatics and bio-IT cores, by creating surveys of bioinformatics and bio-IT core management and funding models, conducting studies of computational biology analysis tools and data management methods issues, and identifying best practices.

Current Membership

Christopher E. Mason (Chair) - Weill Cornell Medical College 
Julie Dragon - University of Vermont 
Yuan Gao - Lieber Institute/Johns Hopkins University 
Shawn Levy - HudsonAlpha Institute for Biotechnology 
Sheng Li - Weill Medical College of Cornell University 
Dawei Lin 
Jaroslaw Pillardy - Cornell University 
Todd M. Smith - Digital World Biology  
Jyothi Thimmapuram - Purdue University 
Dongmei (May D) Wang 
Nadereh Jafari (co-chair) - Northwestern University 
Claudius Mundoma (EB Liaison) - Florida State University

Membership History

Member NameOrganizationDetails
Nadereh JafariNorthwestern Universtiy Chair: 03/12 - 03/14
Dr. Christopher E. MasonWeill Cornell Medical College Member: 03/12 - 03/14
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