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Mentoring Program

September 19, 2018

It’s September and the Mentoring Program is ready to roll!
ABRF members, if you have signed up to be in the program, you have been moved to the new ABRF Mentoring track!   
This message contains three sets of instructions. Please follow the instructions that are most applicable to you.
If you are already a member of NRMN and you have notified Katie Stinson that you would like to participate in the ABRF Mentoring cohort, follow these instructions:

1.     Use this link to access the ABRF Mentoring platform

2.     Look toward the top right corner of your screen and click “Login”

3.     Type the email address and password you used to create your NRMN account and click “LOG IN” in the red bar at the bottom

4.     You will now be prompted to answer a series of questions which will be used in the ABRF matching algorithm. Complete these questions and click “Save.”

5.     You’re done! All that’s left is to email Katie Stinson to let her know that your profile is complete.

ABRF will conduct the matches in the week of September 24 –28. Please feel free to peruse the platform, but DO NOT initiate any mentoring connections.

If you are already a member of NRMN and you have NOT notified Katie Stinson that you would like to participate in the ABRF Mentoring cohort, follow these instructions:

1.     Email Katie Stinson that you are a member of NRMN and that you would like to be moved to the ABRF track.

2.     Wait for Katie Stinson to reply with instructions for next steps.

If you are NOT a member of NRMN but would like to participate in the ABRF Mentoring cohort, follow these instructions:

1.     Click here. Make sure to select “Sign Up” instead of “Log In”

2.     Complete the profile questions. For the question, “Which organization referred you?;” please select “ABRF – The Association of Biomolecular Resource Facilities.”

3.     Once you have completed the profile questions, click “Submit”

4.     You have now been redirected to the NRMN Hub page. Click the yellow MyMentor icon.

5.     Click “Login” in the top right corner.

6.     Confirm your email account again (this is a security measure because you’re being redirected to a different website).

7.     Click “Accept” to accept the terms and conditions.

8.     For the additional profile question, “Would you like to be automatically placed into a mentoring connection?

9.     Select “no.”

10.   Let Katie Stinson know that you made it into MyMentor so she can move you to the ABRF track!

An Introduction to the ABRF Mentoring program
as you get paired with mentor/mentee and are ready to start your six-month partnership.

Katie Stinson from NRMN will introduce the platform to you all of you. Here is the link to the doodle poll so that you can indicate your availability.
As always, thank you for your continued interest in the growth of our own Mentoring Program

Questions? Contact



 March 17, 2018

Mentoring Program Launched!

The ABRF has initiated a new, exciting partnership with the National Research Mentorship Network (NRMN), a nationwide consortium of biomedical professionals and institutions collaborating to provide researchers across the biomedical, behavioral, clinical and social sciences with evidence-based mentorship and professional development programming. NRMN is an NIH-funded organization that emphasizes the benefits and challenges of diversity, inclusivity and culture within mentoring relationships, and more broadly within the professional research community.

The ABRF-NRMN Mentoring Program is operated under the guidance of the ABRF Career Development Committee (CDC) and ABRF Executive Board, and it is intended for ABRF members only. It provides the opportunity for members to serve as either mentor or mentee for other members who are matched by experience and need, and to grow one's mentoring skills under the tutelage of mentoring professionals.

The NRMN supports two online applications for creating, facilitating and enhancing mentorship relationships: MyNRMN and the Guided Virtual Mentorships (GVM). These applications work in tandem, and participants use both to facilitate interactions. At present, enrollment is handled by the CDC and NRMN staff who have created a special ABRF Mentorship Group for the ABRF Program.

Matching of mentor-mentee pairs is expedited using data provided by participants through a ABRF questionnaire that evaluates each participant’s experiences and needs. Mentorship pairs are enrolled in the GVM application by NRMN staff*. Mentors and mentees use the GVM application to conduct structured, 1-on-1 interactions that last for 4 months (one cycle) and can be renewed by participants. The cycle begins once participants are notified that they have been matched.  

[*Note: in the future, enrollment in the GVM application will be performed online by participants who will be matched using a proprietary algorithm that scrolls profiles of all available mentors and mentees for best fits.]

Among MyNRMN’s many features, there is instant messaging between mentor and mentee, a private “ABRF Mentoring Group” where discussion can take place among all mentors and mentees in the Program, and a chat board for communicating with other participants in the Program as well as the larger NRMN community. MyNRMN allows mentor-mentee pairs to share files and calendars and to record private notes. There is a journal feature that lets each user post a journal entry that all their Connections will see. Interactions among participants are also tracked by a feature called “diamond points” that awards points for each interaction.

The NRMN website provides a library of resources for mentors and mentees including training materials, information on the selection process, expectations and goals, tailoring and customizing opportunities, career toolkit, creation of Individual Development Plans, research articles, grant opportunities, conferences and workshops on mentoring - There are also resources for cultivating relationships between mentors and mentees - as well as videos that provide overviews on the NRMN and its programs -  and

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