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Member Spotlight: Scott Tighe

Creating Opportunities

Scott Tighe

The story of Scott Tighe is emblematic of the opportunities that core lab work creates for talented bench scientists and the ways that involvement in ABRF can enhance those opportunities. Scott began his core lab career doing analytical microbiology in a commercial setting, moving on to work for Wyeth-Ayerst Pharmaceuticals and thence to the UVM DNA analysis facility. He has continued at UVM and now serves as the Genomics Manager for the UVM Cancer Center’s Advanced Genomics Facility.

In 2006 Scott was working as a technician at the University of Vermont’s (UVM) DNA Analysis Facility. His boss, ABRF member Tim Hunter, agreed to have his lab do some of the wet lab work for studies being conducted by the Nucleic Acid (NARG) and DNA Sequencing (DSRG) Research Groups. Scott was the wet lab scientist on the job.  With that start, Scott had all the intro he needed to dive into the ABRF mission of technique assessment and benchmark development. In 2008 Tim and Kevin Knudtson nominated Scott to officially join NARG, thus launching Scott’s involvement in and shaping of the RG landscape.

Within the ABRF community Scott first served as co-chair of the Nucleic Acid Research group with Sridar Chittur before  moving on to be a founder and co-chair of the Flow Cytometry research group. In 2014 he founded the Metagenomics Research Group (MGRG), a growing and dynamic band of scientists currently numbering more than twenty members.  On the nuts and bolts side of maintaining an organization and holding an annual meeting, Scott is also the current chair of the Corporate Relations Committee.

Scott’s most memorable moment is the 2015 Beeromics session with MGRG and the most fun he ever had at an ABRF meeting was at “Palm Springs closing social by the pool.” (That sounds like a story to ask him about when you see him in April.)   Citing “networking and friendships” as the most useful and rewarding aspects of his involvement in ABRF, Scott also wanted everyone to know that, “[I] Would never be where I am today without the involvement of ABRF and the networks I have built. Would have never met Sarah Johnson and would have never gone to Antarctica.”

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