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Member Spotlight: Justine Karungi

Justine Karungi

Justine Karungi

In her position as the Administrative Director of the Hoglund Brain Imaging Center at the University of Kansas Medical Center, Justine Karungi melds her business and administrative skills with her passion for biomedical research. Her responsibilities include strategic planning of the Imaging Center, overseeing resource management, as well as directing the day-to-day business operations of the Center. She is happy to be able to use those skills in support of research that will improve medical care and quality of life for many people in the near and long-term.

As a believer in the power of professional organizations, Justine came to ABRF after testing the waters at a few other societies. A colleague first made her aware of some survey results that provided just the background information on core productivity metrics that she was looking for. Justine’s first ABRF was in Saint Louis in 2015. She later joined the Core Administrators’ listserve and coordinating committee and began to network. She’s had a rocking good time meeting most of the CAN-CC in person at subsequent ABRF meetings. The most memorable ABRF moment, for her and probably many others, was introducing her then 4-week-old son Eli to the ABRF community in San Diego in 2017. We at the ABRF are nothing if not committed to early science education!

Justine hopes to continue her exploration of business tools and approaches and find ways to bring improvements to the business practices of core facilities everywhere.

Asked what makes ABRF stand out for her she replied, “ABRF is a unique organization. It combines great programming with a robust network of scientific and administrative leaders that are passionate about advancing the mission of their core facilities. I have not been involved with any organization where there is as much membership engagement and collegiality as ABRF. I get very much value out of my ABRF membership. I am proud to be a member of ABRF and to support its mission in various capacities”.

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