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Member Spotlight: David Blum

David Blum

David Blum

David Blum has attended every ABRF meeting since 2012. He currently serves as chair of the Antibody Research group and has held a number of positions in the Southeastern Association of Shared Resources, including President. David began his career in industry, where he worked with bacterial expression systems. From there he entered academia at Vanderbilt University where he developed skills in expressing and purifying proteins and antibodies. This background has been valuable in his current role as director of the Bioexpression and Fermentation Facility at the University of Georgia where he oversees a lab using many different types of cells to produce proteins for research use.

When asked about the most fun he ever had at an ABRF meeting, David cited a presentation he gave a few years ago that included cat videos. "Finally, a legitimate reason to watch cat videos at work!" he said. As with many of our spotlight subjects, David lifts up the strength of the friendships and the usefulness of the connections he has made through ABRF networking as being of great value to him in his life and career.

Asked why he is a member and what people should know about ABRF, David said, "ABRF is the only organization I know that supports research for core facilities, offers sessions on how to be a better manager and feels like a family.  I am a member for these reasons …. ABRF has taught me a lot about how to be a better manager and a better scientist. It’s hard to say that about other organizations."

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