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Membership is everyone’s business. The decision to join is often directly related to a personal reference from somebody just like you, someone familiar with the ABRF experience, who can relate first-hand how ABRF membership has benefited your science, career, or connection to others with similar experience and challenges. 

You can help educate your colleagues and encourage them to join the ABRF - and receive something back in return!  These are the people in your core, other core facilities or core-related administrators at your own institution.  They are your peers at other institutions and fellow meeting/conference attendees, and they are also the vendor representatives who visit your lab. The possibilities are endless, and joining is easy on the ABRF website.

  • Receive a 10% discount on your next year's membership dues (i.e., 2018) for every new member you bring to the ABRF (up to 50% maximum)
  • The member with the most referrals beyond five new or lapsed members will also be awarded a $250 Amazon gift card and special recognition in a front-page news item!  
  • Just have your referrals enter YOUR name into the “Referring ABRF Member Name” field when they apply, and we'll apply your discounts towards your membership dues for next year (i.e., for when you renew your membership for 2018).  
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