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Mass Spectrometry (MSRG)

This research group is no longer active. The research efforts performed by this group are now incorporated into other active groups. This page presents the contributions made by this group while it was still active.

Electronic Posters
1)The 1997 ABRF Mass Spectrometry Committee Collaborative Study: Identification of Phosphopeptides in a Tryptic Digest of Apomyoglobin
    - View PDF (3,292K)
2)Results of the 2000 ABRF Peptide Sequencing by Mass Spectrometry Quiz
    - View HTML (offline abrfquiz.html)

Membership History
Member NameOrganizationDetails
Murray HackettUniv of Washington Chair: 01/99 - 01/01
Richard S JohnsonVLST Corp Member: 01/99 - 01/01
Rachel LooUCLA Member: 01/99 - 01/01
John StultsGenentech Inc Member: 01/99 - 01/01
Dr Alfred L YergeyNIH Member: 01/99 - 01/01

Mass Spectrometry Resources
    - DeltaMass - a database of protein post-translational modifications
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