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The ABRF offers to its members and their sponsoring academic institutions a free "bulletin board service" where open positions can be posted on the ABRF website.

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Job Openings Information

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  • Posting can be repeated upon request.
  • Listings are offered free to ABRF members and sponsors only.
  • Commercial and non ABRF member posting is welcomed at $300/month.
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RF for SUNY at the University at Albany - Research Support Specialist (R19-20)

The primary responsibility of the Research Support Specialist is to perform genomics research using microarrays and next-gen sequencing. The successful candidate will participate in various research lab projects through the CFG microarray & HT Sequencing core laboratory.  The successful candidate will design and conduct experiments with cellular and animal models, interpret data, perform statistics and prepare summaries of significant findings. The position will be filled at either the junior or senior levels depending on experience.

RF for SUNY at the University at Albany - Research Support Specialist (R19-20)

Regeneron Pharmaceuticals - R&D Specialist - Proteomics & Biomarkers

We are seeking a results-driven R&D Specialist who is energetic and enjoys collaborative science research to join Bioanalytical & Biomarker Technologies. The qualified individual will be responsible for performing a variety of proteomics approaches to support projects of Therapeutic Proteins (TP) as well as collaborating groups. This position will involve molecular and cellular based assays to prepare samples for Proteomics and mass spectrometry analysis. The individual should have excellent problem-solving skills, verbal and written communication skills as well as the ability to multi-task and pursue multiple projects on a daily basis. The applicant will be expected to work cooperatively in a team environment with other scientists from different disciplines. Candidates must have demonstrated at least one year of hands-on laboratory experience, preferably in the area of molecular biology and cell-based method development.

R&D Specialist - Proteomics & Biomarkers

Yale University - Yale School of Medicine Director of Research Cores

The School of Medicine Director of Research Cores will work closely with the Deputy Deans for Scientific Affairs to oversee critical aspects of technology and facility management for core research services at Yale School of Medicine. The Director will engage with core directors to promote best practices, including developing and maintaining technical infrastructure, space, personnel and financial practices. The Director will also regularly evaluate core performance, capabilities, technology, general management, staff training and enrichment, customer base and satisfaction, financial and resource management, communications, educational and institutional impact. The Director will also develop a strategic plan for YSM core facilities in concert with the Deputy Deans and in collaboration with the Office of the Vice Provost for Research at Yale University. Strategic objectives for the core research services include networking with academic and industry partners where appropriate to provide YSM with proper support to carry out the full range of basic and translational research and to promote the transformation of fundamental biological innovations to the development of improved patient care. YSM has two distinct groups of research cores: those centrally supported and overseen by YSM and those departmentally based and supported. The centrally supported cores had annual operating expenses of ~$29 million in FY18 and the departmental cores totaled ~$21 million, for a combined total of ~$50 million. This position will work across all YSM research cores, with more involvement, engagement, focus and in certain cases, direction of the YSM Central cores. The Director will also serve as a central point of contact for investigators looking for specific core research services and facilities at YSM. With the Office of the Vice Provost for Research, the Director will help to identify resources on campus or in the region if Yale does not support a particular capability locally. The position will also support faculty in the development of proposals to obtain external funding for research programs that depend on core facilities, with particular emphasis on proposals that would support acquisition of equipment for shared use or support of core facilities.

Yale University - Yale School of Medicine Director of Research Cores

Yale University - Director of Research Cores (Central)

Reporting to the Assistant Provost for Research, the Director of Research Cores will support the University’s scientific research mission by coordinating the University’s strategic analysis and advancement of research core facilities. Working closely with the Provost Office, Yale School of Medicine and Yale West Campus, the Director of Research Cores will coordinate the regular assessment of core capabilities. Based on the results of assessments, the Director of Research Cores will develop and implement strategic plans for investment in and reorganization of University cores in collaboration with the Director of Research Cores at YSM and the Director of Research Operations at West Campus to optimally support the research enterprise. The Director of Research Cores will also coordinate efforts university-wide to enhance the visibility of cores within the institution. Further, the Director of Research Cores will work to strategically develop the university wide community of core directors by creating professional enhancement and networking opportunities.

Yale has two distinct groups of research cores: those centrally supported and overseen by the Provost Office and those departmentally based and supported. The Director of Research Cores will work across all non-YSM research cores, with more involvement, engagement, focus and in certain cases, direct responsibility for those cores overseen centrally. The Director of Research Cores will interact regularly with non-YSM science core directors to promote best practices, including developing and maintaining technical infrastructure, space, personnel, and compliant financial practices. The Director of Research Cores will also regularly assess the performance of non-YSM cores on behalf of the Provost’s Office, including factors such as quality of technology and services, staff training and enrichment, customer base and satisfaction, financial and resource management, communication, and educational and institutional impact.

Yale University - Director of Research Cores (Central)

GSK - Director, Cellular Biomarkers

A new role requirement identified to lead the newly formed Cellular Biomarker group of approximately 20 scientists that will support clinical biomarker testing by establishing and implementing cutting-edge technologies necessary to enhance immunophenotyping analytical capabilities at GSK. As R&D shifts our focus toward immune regulation, presenting substantial challenges of high system complexity and heterogeneity, the cellular biomarker group is established to provide R&D the biomarker platforms necessary for phenotypic characterization of specific immune cell subtypes in tissues or cell suspensions, informing and shaping understanding of patient-specific disease signatures and treatment responses.  Such analyses will require a collection of different analytical tools such as flow cytometry, immunohistochemistry, cellular imaging and genomics.

The Jackson Laboratory - Genomics Scientist

The Genomics Scientist is responsible for the management and execution of sequencing based projects as well as development, testing, validation and implementation of new genomic technologies and protocols. Strong background & technical skills in molecular biology and sequencing technology improvement and optimization are required. Under the leadership of the senior genomics management, with limited supervision, the incumbent will be responsible for direct execution of experiments, assessment of QC for research/or service projects, and troubleshooting technical problems. The incumbent will also be responsible for the design, organization, and implementation of a multitude of sequencing-based molecular biology experiments in the areas of biomedical, clinical, and biotechnology research at JAX. They will ensure that sample preparation and sequencing production is maximized and will drive new technology development, process optimization, and pipeline and protocol development. A demonstrated team player with independent decision making in regard to technical and project management issues is required.

Regeneron Pharmaceuticals - Assoc.Scientist - Proteomics/Immunopeptidomics

Regeneron is looking for a highly motivated Associate Scientist who will leverage our state-of-the-art facilities and technology to perform qualitative and quantitative mass spectrometry experiments focusing on autoimmune, infectious disease and oncology targets. The successful candidate’s primary responsibility will be to utilize the latest mass spectrometry techniques for the discovery and validation of novel viral- and cancer-specific antigens from human tissues and cell lines as well as to develop innovative techniques and investigate new technologies to enhance our target discovery efforts.

The successful candidate will operate state-of-the-art mass spectrometry to analyze patient derived samples. Daily activities will include of tissue preparations, affinity purification, peptide purification, and the analysis of mass spectrometry data. Further responsibilities will be the integration of whole exome sequencing and RNA seq data with mass spectrometry results, developing proteomic databases for the target discovery efforts, and validation of results. Previous experience with mass spectrometry is a highly desirable prerequisite. 

Harvard University - Research Associate - Bioinformatics Trainer and Analyst

We are looking for a bioinformaticians or computational biologist interested in working with our bioinformatics training team to provide education and training to the Harvard community. The ideal candidate will be interested in training biologists to analyze data, and in working with data from a wide variety of experimental platform particularly next-gen sequencing technologies. This role provides a unique and rewarding opportunity to train the next generation of world-class researchers making a profound impact on human health.

University of Illinois at Chicago - Senior Research Specialist of Cardio Vascular Research Core (CVRC)

The Cardio Vascular Research Core (CVRC)is looking for a full time Senior Research Specialist to assists the Director of CVRC in both the research and service of a Cardio Vascular Research Core(CVRC). The Senior Research Specialist acts as supervisor or team lead in directing and coordinating the work of lower level staff. Guide, train and advise lower level researchers and students on techniques, methods and procedures. And to plan, assign and review work of staff to ensure that group objectives are met. Also, to hire, train, develop and manage staff to ensure that a qualified staff exists to meet group objectives.

NIH: National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences - Staff Scientist

The Division of Intramural Research of the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS), National Institutes of Health (NIH), Research Triangle Park (RTP), North Carolina is recruiting a Staff Scientist for a Metabolomics Lead within the Mass Spectrometry Research and Support Group. The NIEHS is located in the Research Triangle Park, a world renowned academic research center in North Carolina.

Texas A&M University - Research Specialist II

The Research Specialist II will oversee the day-to-day operations of the Imaging core, including providing outstanding imaging services, training and support to investigators, research staff and students. Thus, the Research Specialist II will provide user assistance with experimental design and data interpretation, will maintain and operate the microscopes and computers, will provide hands-on training sessions for prospective users and project-specific problem solving on an ongoing basis. S/he will communicate with the research community about available services, training opportunities, pricing structure and other laboratory policies, and will manage the scheduling and maintaining facility usage records for billing purposes. Moreover, the Research Specialist II will work with the Director to disseminate and promote the use of imaging and quantitative image analysis techniques through demonstrations, workshops, and seminars.

St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital - Genome Sequencing Analyst II

The Genome Sequencing Analyst II at St. Jude will use state-of-the-art technology to support the fight against pediatric cancer and other catastrophic childhood diseases! With the most advanced technology available, this position will utilize Next Generation Sequencing in an automated, high throughput environment to produce accurate results for research and clinical teams. This position will share the responsibility for sample quality control, library preparation, and the operation of various automated DNA sequencers.

Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory - Biological Microscopy Shared Resource Manager

Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, a world-renowned research institution, seeks a highly motivated individual to manage a state-of-the-art Microscopy Shared Resource. The individual should have extensive practical expertise in biological sample preparation and hands-on knowledge of multiple microscope modalities including, laser scanning and spinning disk confocal, widefield fluorescence and light microscopy, Deltavision deconvolution microscopy, and OMX structured illumination super-resolution microscopy. Additional expertise in image analysis approaches is a plus. The candidate will assist users design and carry out experimental protocols, train individuals in the use of various microscopes, align microscopes and keep the facility operating at an efficient and high level of productivity.

Columbia University - Staff Associate/Senior Staff Associate-LCMS

Staff Associate/Senior Staff Associate-LCMS
Biomarkers Core Laboratory
Irving Institute for Clinical and Translational Research

Summary Description
The Biomarkers Core Laboratory (BCL) of Columbia University’s Irving Institute for Clinical and Translational Research specializes in providing mass spectrometry-based analytical services for pharmacokinetic and clinical metabolomics. The Biomarkers Core hosts the largest targeted mass spectrometry facility in Columbia and supports the Columbia Precision Medicine Initiatives. BCL is currently accepting applications for a LCMS Senior Staff Associate or Staff Associate in the area of targeted metabolomics. The candidate will develop and implement mass spectrometry-based workflows for targeted metabolomics and PK/PD projects. 

The ideal candidate will have a strong background in biological mass spectrometry with an emphasis on technical expertise in LCMS method development and assay validation for targeted small molecule analysis.

GENEWIZ - Product Marketing Manager

Looking to leverage your experience in Sanger sequencing or NGS sequencing to transition to a new role in industry? GENEWIZ is a leading genomics services company based in South Plainfield, New Jersey, and we are currently looking for Product Marketing Managers with experience in Sanger or NGS.  The successful candidate will have experience in serving customers with Sanger, NGS, or other genomics-based services, knowledge of the technology as well as experience understanding customer needs and wants. A 10% relocation bonus will be awarded to successful candidates who are interested in relocating from out of state for the position.

View the job description and apply online on our company website:

Princeton University - Manager of Biomolecular Electron Microscopy

The Department of Molecular Biology at Princeton University seeks a Ph.D.-level scientist to serve as Manager of Biomolecular Electron Microscopy. The successful candidate will join a vibrant, collaborative research community and will play a leading role in training and assisting users in EM sample preparation, data collection, and data processing and analysis. All instruments, including a state-of-the-art 300 kV Titan Krios TEM, are housed in the Imaging & Analysis Center (Princeton's largest core facility) and are maintained by the Center's expert staff.


University of Pittsburgh, Genomics Research Core: Research Technician

The HSCRF Genomics Research Core is an institutional resource that provides genomics and transcriptomics experimental services to University of Pittsburgh researchers. The incumbent will develop and perform complex assays, robust procedures and quality control and assurance measures. The incumbent will perform independent experiments involving: Sanger sequencing – DNA and RNA extraction and quantification – real time PCR – genotyping – assessment of gene expression – and will assist with other procedures as assigned by the supervisor. Attention to detail and basic computer skills including knowledge of MS Office software is required. The incumbent will troubleshoot problems and assure data quality meets standards for complex laboratory experiments. Previous experience with basic molecular biological assays including nucleic acid extractions, Sanger sequencing and data management is desired. Must have excellent written and verbal communication skills in order to provide the necessary customer service.

 B.S. required in Biology, Chemistry, Biochemistry or a related discipline

The University of Minnesota - University Imaging Center Researcher

The University of Minnesota is seeking applicants who are service-oriented team players with excellent interpersonal, organizational and communication skills who enjoy moving science forward using state-of-the-art imaging resources.  The successful candidate will join a team of UIC associates responsible for the daily interactions of a dynamic interdisciplinary core facility at a major research University. This candidate will support and advance imaging projects primarily at our Jackson Hall location. This will include working on widefield, confocal, two photon, in vivo imaging and other efforts by the UIC.

They are looking for candidates with a degree in biology, chemistry or biomedical imaging. There is a need to be ready to help researchers with both trivial and advanced aspects of imaging projects. Experience in sample preparation (fixation, staining, antibody labeling, etc.), and advanced light microscopy is required and/or some experience with image analysis would be a strong plus. The successful candidate should be prepared to be in a dynamic multi-user environment whereby four basic areas of service must be covered:

  • Maximize the availability of advanced imaging technologies and methodologies to faculty, staff, students and external users.
  • Bring expertise in new imaging technologies to users.
  • Educate the University community about new imaging technologies.
  • Promote interaction between developers of new imaging technology and potential users.

Click here for more information and to apply.

Northwestern University - Director of the Center for Advanced Microscopy (CAM) and the Nikon Imaging Center (NIC)

The Feinberg School of Medicine at Northwestern University is seeking a Director of the Center for Advanced Microscopy (CAM) and the Nikon Imaging Center (NIC). The CAM is a core imaging facility, housing the latest in imaging instruments including super-resolution, confocal, TIRF, light sheet and multiphoton microscopes. The NIC is one of only three such advanced facilities in the country. The Center is supported by the Feinberg School of Medicine, Department of Cell & Molecular Biology, Robert H. Lurie Comprehensive Cancer Center and Nikon Instruments, Inc.

The mission of the CAM is to provide access to state-of-the-art imaging equipment to researchers at Northwestern University and neighboring institutions, serving as an educational hub for the mid-west region by offering training courses and symposia in basic and advanced microscopy.

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