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Conflict of Interest Policy

The Conflict of Interest policy applies to everyone who serves the Association. Individuals who wish to serve the ABRF must complete a form that discloses any potential conflicts of interest to the President of the Executive Board. The President then treats this as a confidential disclosure: the President can discuss a potential conflict of interest with other Executive Board members only when the individual who wishes to serve agrees to this. Under no circumstances will a potential conflict of interest be discussed beyond the Executive Board.

To fill out your Conflict of Interest, please log into the ABRF membership area (click the Login button in the upper right of any main page) and then select the "My Profile / Change Username or Password" button.  Scroll down to near the bottom of that page and you will find the pertinent fields to enter your information.

Conflicts of interest are similar to the conflicts normally disclosed to employers and include: 

  • employment by a company that sells equipment or reagents to core facilities,
  • consulting positions for such companies, or
  • ownership of large amounts of equity in such companies.
  • The policy also requires individuals to refrain from using intellectual property of the ABRF in inappropriate manners.

The Executive Board feels that the policy meets the Association's need for a comprehensive policy and is unlikely to affect members already serving the Association. As always, your suggestions and comments to the Executive Board on this policy are welcome.

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