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Communications Newsletter

Communications was the ABRF newsletter from 2010 through 2014. It provided a means of communication (hence the choice of title) amongst the members of the ABRF community. Within its pages, members were able to share news and highlights, association activities and initiatives, international news, lab tips and protocols, issues involved in running a biomolecular resource…and much more! 

In 2016, the ABRF wanted to re-establish a channel to communicate more efficiently with the membership and tapped the ABRF Communications Committee to lead the effort to develop the member newsletter, ABRFNews. ABRFNews is intended to deliver up-to-date scientific and government news, Research Group activities, upcoming conferences and events, and ABRF benefits. Each issue will also include a “Member in the Spotlight” profile and opportunities to volunteer and engage with ABRF. 

Supplemental content to ABRFNews is frequently posted to the ABRF Blog, which can be found here.  You can also sign up for receiving future blog posts directly into your inbox the minute they are published!

As always, we welcome your 
feedback as we work to advance the mission of ABRF, an international scientific society dedicated to advancing technologies, education, communication and reproducible research in the operations of shared scientific resources.



  • Issue 8    (ABRF 2014 Edition)
  • Issue 7    (ABRF 2013 Edition)
  • Issue 6    (ABRF 2012 Edition)
  • Issue 5    (Winter 2012)
  • Issue 4    (Summer 2011)
  • Issue 3    (Fall 2010)
  • Issue 2    (Summer 2010)
  • Issue 1    (ABRF 2010 Edition)
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