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International ABRF Committee

Being an international association is a critical and continuing focus of ABRF activity. The goal of the iABRF Committee is to explore ways of facilitating and expanding the international scope of the ABRF. This includes identifying ways that the ABRF can best encourage the establishment and growth of core facility organizations and meetings around the world, and on ways that the ABRF can best interact and coordinate with such organizations and meetings.

Current Membership

Joe Dragavon (Chair) – U. Colorado at Boulder, USA
Ken Schoppmann - ABRF Executive Director, USA
Rui Gardner - Memorial Sloan Kettering Inst., USA (ISAC)
Rand Haley - Research Endurance, USA
Bill Hendrickson – U. Illinois at Chicago, USA (retired)
Phil Hockberger - Northwestern U., USA
Christian Kukat - Max Planck Inst., Germany (German Soc. Cytometry, ISAC)
Schmulik Motola - Weizmann Inst., Israel (CTLS)
Peter O'Toole - U. of York, UK (Royal Microscopy Soc., CTLS)
Babu Ponnusamy - Center for Cellular & Molecular Platforms, India (C-CAMP)
Josh Rappoport – Northwestern U., USA (CTLS)
Taslimarif Saiyed - Centre for Cellular and Molecular Platforms, India (C-CAMP, CTLS)
Ralph Schlapbach - Functional Genomics Center, Switzerland (Core for Life)
Spencer L Shorte - Institut Pasteur, France (CTLS)
Alex Sossick - Gurdon Inst., UK (UK Imaging)
Achim Treumann – U. Newcastle, UK (CTLS)
Paul Wallace - Roswell Park Cancer Inst., USA (ISAC)
Frances Weis-Garcia - Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, USA (ABRF-EB Liaison)

Membership History

Member NameOrganizationDetails
Michelle M Detwiler
 - Roswell Park Cancer Institute, USA
Co-Chair: 9/13 - 3/14
Elke Küster-Schöck
 - McGill University, Canada (CIAN)
Co-Chair: 9/13 - 3/14
George Grills
 - Cornell Weil Medical School, USA
Member: 9/13 - 8/17
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