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Corporate Advisory Committee

The Corporate Advisory Committee was established for the purpose of advising the ABRF Executive Board concerning the ideas and desires of our corporate partners, to enhance the annual meeting and to improve the education and linkage with the ABRF membership.  The corporate advisory committee is now comprised of representatives from the Platinum-level ABRF Corporate Sponsors, and meet several times a year with members of the Corporate Relations Committee (CRC).

Current Membership

LeRoy Martin (chair) - Waters Corporation
Steve Siembieda - Advanced Analytical Technologies, Inc.

Kate Guerrina – Chroma

Kathleen Buckner – Illumina

Joanna Hamilton – Kapa Biosystems

Lora Marsh – MilliporeSigma

Kevin Sheehy – NanoString Technologies

Fiona Stewart - New England Biolabs
Trevor Wagner – Promega Corporation

Suvarna Gandlur - TaKaRa
Patricia Bisceglia - ThermoFisher Scientific
Andy Chitty (EB Liaison) - Oregon Health & Science University

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