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Communications Committee

About the Communications Committee 

The Communications Committee is dedicated to disseminating information to our members and the scientific community at large using social media tools. 

Did you know members may submit news and information to the Communications Committee to share with other members? Simply CLICK HERE to complete the online form. 


Current Membership

Nicole Bonomini (Chair) - University of Michigan
Amanda White  - Cincinnati Children's Hospital Research Foundation 
Ronald Niece - Research Resources &Technologies
Todd Smith - Digital World Biology
Aaron Larson - Oregon Health & Science University
Isabelle Girard  - University of Wisconsin, Madison
Frances Weis-Garcia - (EB liaison) Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center




ABRF links in the electronic media
    - ABRF LinkedIn Page 
    - ABRF Facebook Page (now it really is ABRF Facebook Page) 
    - ABRF Core MarketPlace (Update your core description this minute!) 
    - Round Table Discussion Forums
    - ABRF Member Directory (Find us.) 
    - ABRF Wikipedia Page (find a mistake or an addition? Fix it! Add it!) 
    - FASEB Web Site 
    - ABRF Meetings on Twitter 
    - Ryan Duggan's Flow Cytometry Blog 
    - ABRF on Google+

Membership History

Paul T Morrison - MBCF @ Dana-Farber Cancer Institute   
Brian Hampton - Universtiy of Maryland School of Medicine  
Brett S Phinney - Proteomics Core UC Davis Genome Center 
Anoja Perera - Stowers Institute for Medical Research
Andrew Chitty - Oregon Health & Science University

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