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Committee for Core Rigor and Reproducibility (CCoRRe)

The Mission of the Committee for Core Rigor and Reproducibility (CCoRRe) is to promote resources for the ABRF membership in achieving accurate and reproducible results in their shared resource facilities.

The mission will be achieved in the near term by developing resources and supporting ABRF studies that help ABRF members provide services to their customers/users that comply with NIH policy directives in rigor and reproducibility.  The resources would include developing a website that has educational links and best-practice protocols for the various scientific disciplines of the ABRF membership.  The Committee will also identify opportunities for outreach and partnership with other professional societies and scientific journals, which over longer timeframe will create a lasting influence that advances our mission.

Core Lab Reproducibility Survey

The Association of Biomolecular Resource Facilities (ABRF) Committee on Core Rigor and Reproducibility (CCoRRe) is conducting a global worldwide survey to learn how scientific cores or other shared resource facilities generate transparent, rigorous and reproducible research data.  The results of this survey will help the committee implement its mission to support shared resource facilities and their commitment to reproducible research. To participate use this web link,

We encourage you to forward this survey to other groups who may be interested in participating.  All responses will be anonymized. 

The survey results will be presented at the ABRF 2017 annual meeting in San Diego, March 25-28.

CCoRRe Committee

Kevin Knudtson, University of Iowa (Chair)
Rebecca Davies, University of Minnesota
Belynda Hicks, NCI, Frederick National Laboratory for Cancer Research
Susan Meyn, Vanderbilt University Medical Center
Sheenah Mische, NYU
Katia Sol Church, University of Virginia School of Medicine
Frances Weis-Garcia, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

Nancy Fisher, University of North Carolina (EB Liaison)

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