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Chapters and Affiliates Board

The Chapters and Affiliates Board is comprised of the leadership of the ABRF Chapters and Affiliates and the ABRF Executive Board.  The CAAB meets regularly to discuss, advise, and oversee matters central to the mutual and coordinated efforts across the regional meetings and ABRF interests.

Current Membership

Nick Ambulos – (Chair) MAD SSCi

Roxann Ashworth - MAD SSCi
Kim Dahlman - SEASR
Susan Constable - SEASR
Ann Norton - WACD
Gene Hess - WACD
Stuart Levine – NERLSCD
Roxana Del Rio Guerra - NERLSCD
Lisa Wright - MWACD
Amanda "Nicole" White - MWACD
Julie Auger - ABRF Treasurer

Andrew Chitty (EB Liaison) - ABRF President

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