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RG/Comm Member of the year 2016

Sridar V. Chittur:  The 2016 ABRF Robert A. Welch Outstanding Research Group/Committee Member of the Year Award
By Scott Tighe

Sridar Chittur has been a member of ABRF since 2006 and has demonstrated dedication to the success of our association through active participation in several research groups and committees, and as the organizer of satellite workshops and roundtables. The value of his contributions to ABRF cannot be overstated: Sridar has served as Chair or member of the Microarray Research Group, Genomics Research Group, Nucleic Acids Research Group, and Flow Cytometry Research Group. He has been active on many committees as well, including Corporate Relations, Education, and Membership. In addition to his contributions at the national level, Sridar has served as a roundtable and meeting organizer for the Northeast Regional Life Science Core Directors regional chapter. Sridar has always been willing to go the extra mile for ABRF projects,  providing expertise, materials and lab resources, and sometimes “coming to the rescue” for research projects that had extraordinary challenges and required unprecedented devotion. Sometimes even all-nighters.

Besides being an exemplary ABRF member, Sridar is a good friend to our scientific community. He is personable, happy, and always has encouraging things to say. He sometimes keeps us laughing even when we shouldn’t be. For his tireless contributions to the ABRF, Sridar Chittur receives the Robert A. Welch Outstanding Research Group/Committee Member of the Year Award.

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