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RG/Comm Member of the year 2014

The ABRF Robert A. Welch Outstanding Research Group/Committee Member of The Year recognizes the significant contributions of members of the ABRF Research Groups and Committees. The 2014 award is presented to Scott Tighe.

Scott Tighe has been a member of ABRF since 2007 and has served on the Corporate Relations Committee, Nucleic Acid Research Group (chair), founding member of the 
Flow Cytometry Research Group (co-chair), and as project co-coordinator of the ABRF-NGS sequencing study . As highlighted in his nomination letter, Scott provided incredible efforts in the 2012/2013 NARG project on “DNA isolation for metagenomic analysis”, including the burden of growing, characterizing, and distributing bacteria and 
other microorganisms of over a dozen species to generate a well-characterized metagenomic sample . Through Scott’s service to ABRF RG studies, he has contributed significantly in the conceptual development of research projects, preparation of samples for benchmarking, performing sample processing for research projects, performing data analysis of research projects, and wrapping up results and presenting them publicly, were noted amongst his many achievements for ABRF not only in this past year, but in many years prior as well. 

This Member of the Year Award is given in recognition of Scott Tighe's contributions as an enthusiastic participant, tireless leader, valued colleague and outstanding member of the ABRF Research Groups and Committees.

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