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RG/Comm Member of the year 2012

The ABRF Robert A. Welch Outstanding Research Group/Committee Member of The Year recognizes the significant contributions of members of the ABRF Research Groups and Committees. The 2012 award will be presented to Brian Hampton.

Brian Hampton of the University of Maryland School of Medicine has been an ABRF member since 2000 and is an active contributor to the ABRF Listserve. He is a protein chemist who served in the Protein Sequence Research Group as member and chair and also serves as the co-editor in the new vibrant newsletter of the ABRF. Brian’s skill in web technology and HTML were a natural fit for the WebCom, which he currently chairs. In this role, Brian and fellow Webcom member Scottie Adams joined forces with Leslie Hicks and David Friedman from the membership committee, collectively working with World Design Group to redesign the ABRF webpages.This endeavor began as a ‘simple’ facelift to the front page but effectively ended up as a complete redesign of the website, which was launched in April 2011. The final implementation required the moving and remapping of all of the existing content and functionality, as well as integrating new functionalities. Over the course of many weeks, all content and functionalities were checked, tweaked and rechecked by Brian and the team. The results of this Herculean effort can be clearly seen when visiting the ABRF website, where the clean look and clear navigation provide members with easy access to resources and information. For his outstanding contributions to the website redesign and for his tireless services on the WebCom, the ABRF recognizes Brian as the recipient of the Robert A. Welch Outstanding Research Group/Committee Member of the Year Award.

Congratulations, Brian!

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