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Academic Sponsorship

ABRF Academic Sponsorship is a cost effective way to support your staff in their career development. ABRF Academic Sponsors receive significant value for their investment in their personnel.

Academic Sponsors receive significant value for their support, including:

  • Preferred member registration  for the ABRF Annual Meeting valued at $765.

  • Member registration for ABRF’s pre-meeting Satellite Workshops valued at $390.

  • Acknowledgment of your sponsorship on the ABRF website (, including your university or institution’s logo with a link to your website.

  • Recognition of your sponsorship via signage at the ABRF Annual Meeting and your logo on the Annual Meeting app.

  • Hosting a FASEB job fair at the annual meeting.

  • A preferred listing within the ABRF Core MarketPlace, a free global interface for sharing scientific resources.

  • ABRF Mentoring Program - Connecting mentors and mentees, so that those early or even later in their core facility careers can find counsel from self-identified members open to offering advice.

  • NEW! The opportunity to sponsor The ABRF Award for Outstanding Contributions to Biomolecular Technologies Award for an additional $2,000, which includes an invitation to participate in a private reception and dinner with the Awardees.

    o For institutions that wish to provide more than 3 individuals with an ABRF annual membership, we have added an affordable option to choose your level of academic sponsorship based on the number of memberships desired. Please see contact us for more details.

    In addition to supporting your staff in their career development, ABRF membership opens the door to members-only content available at their desktops, as well as a growing number of educational opportunities, both for technology-based staff in cores and for core leaders.   

    ABRF has seen a significant growth in membership for leaders of shared resource cores.  And ABRF is the best source of professional development and networking opportunities, including:

  • The ABRF website ( is the source for all things core, and supports our shared quest to deliver cutting edge technology and expertise in a cost effective manner to support our institutional research community.

  • ABRF hosts an online discussion forum, an excellent networking tool and a source for best practices for a growing scientific community dedicated to providing cutting edge technology and expertise for all of us striving to deliver practices to our institutional research mission.  

  • The Core Administrators Network (CAN) hosts the Core Administrators Network Forum, an open forum for inquiries and collaboration. More information about the CAN-CC and its publications can be found on the ABRF website.

  • ABRF sponsors multi-center research studies through its Research Groups (RGs), designed to help members incorporate new biotechnologies into their laboratories. The RGs have published reports on many of their studies which serve as a platform for establishing standard operating procedures and best practices for participating laboratories.

  • ABRF is a member society of the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology (FASEB), and our members play an important role in science advocacy and shaping funding policies. Through FASEB, ABRF members have the ability to influence science policy and have a place at the table with our government and NIH leaders, maintaining an open dialogue with officials from  the National Institutes of Health (NIH), National Science Foundation (NSF) and other federal funding agencies regarding funding and other issues that are important to scientists.   As part of The FASEB MARC Program, ABRF works to enhance participation of minorities, and to support women in science through the Excellence in Science Award for a prominent woman scientist.

  • ABRF is a partner with NIH to build consensus for best practices for cores, such as the ABRF-NIH workshop on Enhancing Efficiency of Research Core Facilities.

    ABRF is powered by members!  ABRF cores are in the ascendancy, contributing to major scientific breakthroughs and establishing the paradigm for collaboration and teamwork.  

    For $2000 per institution, ABRF Annual academic sponsorship is a cost-effective investment in your core facility personnel, to enhance their value to your organization and your research community.  Register now to be a part of ABRF throughout the year. 

    Feel free to contact any of us to discuss what makes ABRF valuable for our institutions.


    ABRF Membership Committee


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