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ABRF COVID-19 Initiatives and Resources

ABRF is pleased to share these resources suggested by the ABRF member community.  Inclusion here does not represent ABRF's recommendation or endorsement.

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ABRF Initiatives

ABRF virtual town hall meetings

ABRF members convene on a regular basis to discuss issues and provide support to one another during the COVID crisis.

  • General Discussion, monthly, first Wednesday of the month, 1:00 pm ET
       > Upcoming:  August 5, September 9, October 7
       > An open-ended conversation is driven by the attendees to share how they are responding to the crisis, the policies and procedures in place at their institutions, as well as how to remain active while preparing for an eventual return to work
      >  If you have suggested agenda items you'd like to discuss, please send those suggestions to 
  •    > Zoom event link
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  • Core Administration - monthly, Thursdays at 1:00 pm ET
       > Upcoming  July 16
       > Participants raise issues related to engaging staff, negotiating with suppliers, and updates on institution policies
       >  If you have suggested agenda items you'd like to discuss, please send those suggestions to 

       >  Zoom event link
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  • Genomics - monthly, second Tuesdays at 11:00 am ET

   > Upcoming  July 14 
   > A free-form discussion of the specific issues and challenges for Genomics core facilities
   > Topics to be addressed include:

  1. Sample collection.  Are we concerned about receiving samples from labs on-campus and/or off-campus?
  2. Concerned about receiving samples from COVID research labs.
  3. Sharing SOPs for handling samples and working in the lab.  Are your SOPs going to change for your cores when you return?
  4. When you return, what changes will be made with regard to social distancing and communicating with clients?
  5. Instrumentation maintenance
  6. Anything else you may want to bring up

   >  Zoom event link
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  • Imaging -        

   > Monthly, Upcoming  July 9 
   >  Zoom event link
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   >Addresses issues and needs specific to Imaging core facilities, including:

    • How to adapt to potential social distancing requirements 
    • Sanitizing the scopes and workstations
    • Needed hardware upgrades
    • Training, what can be done remotely
    • Sharing on-line instrument SOP and training materials

What ever else is on your mind

Proteomics -

ABRF Chapters' Virtual Events:

    • MAD SSCi - biweekly "Let's Do Lunch", Tuesdays at 12:00 pm ET 
    • NERLSCD - virtual meeting planned for October 2020.
    • SEASR - monthly, 11:00 am ET - next meeting- Wednesday, July 8, 11:00 am ET.  Register here
  • ABRF Covid-19 WhatsApp discussion.
  • ABRF Research Groups COVID-19 Updates. Click here to access ABRF Research Groups' information and post additional resources related to COVID-19.
  • ABRF Discussion Forum
  • Participate in ABRF Core Administrators’ Network Coordinating Committee Survey on Institutional Facility Response to COVID-19

ABRF Re-opening Series - Part 1 - PPE in Core Facilities, Wednesday, May 27 
View webinar recording here.   Slide presentation.

As core facilities begin to reopen, how will requirements for PPE affect research lab operations, including monitoring and enforcement procedures, staff scheduling, and purchasing issues?  ABRF was pleased to host the first in a series of virtual panel discussions, to engage corporate partners to help identify shared challenges and ask common questions. 

This session featured representatives from key suppliers of personal protective equipment, including:

Moderators:  Andrew Chitty, ABRF Past President, Director, University Shared Resources, Oregon Health & Science University

Robert Steen, Director, BPF NGS Genomics Core Facility, Department of Genetics, 
Harvard Medical School


John Ahearn, Senior Vice President, of Education and Research, Medline

John Voycik, Vice President, Segment Solutions, Education & Medical Research, Healthcare, and Government, Avantor VMR

Aaron Spang, Vice President, Research & Academic Healthcare, E&I Cooperative Services

Chris Lope, Vice President, Education and Research, Medline

Lindsay Dahlberg, Associate Director, Procurement Services, Northeastern University

Jeff DiCiaccio, Director of Strategic Procurement, Harvard Medical School

Learning Opportunities

Royal Microscopy Society Virtual Meetings to establish safe working practices in the COVID-19 era 

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