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Survey (SRG)

Dr. Charles Nicolet - Univ. of Southern California 
Jack Simpson 
Dr. Satya P. Yadav - Cleveland Clinic Fndn Res Inst 
Preston Hensley (EB Liason) - Lotus Translational Medicine 

1)ABRF Survey Research Group 2003 Survey
The ABRF 2003 Survey is now closed. The ABRF Survey Research Group thanks all who participated in this survey.
    - Poster presented at ABRF 2004 
2)ABRF Survey Research Group 2002 Survey
The ABRF needs input from members and potential member to maximize its effectiveness. This survey addresses issues that can make the ABRF more useful and responsive. Your answers are very important and will influence the future direction of our organization. Please take the time to fill out the survey and add comments. Thank you very much! 
The ABRF 2002 Survey is closed. Thanks to all who particpated!

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12)Debra A. McMillen, William M. Old, Janice L. Bleibaum, Charles M. Nicolet, Katheryn R. Resing, Gautam Sarath, Satya P. Yadav, Nature Biotechnology 18, 686 - 689 (01 Jun 2000)
    - View Nature Biotechnology Issue 

Membership History
Member NameOrganizationDetails
Janice BleibaumRoche Palo Alto Member: 07/98 - 01/01
Debra McMillenOHSU Proteomics Shared Resource Chair: 07/98 - 06/00
Katheryn ResingUniversity of Colorado Member: 06/98 - 01/01
John StultsGenentech Inc EB Liason: 01/99 - 01/01
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