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Protein Identification (PIRG)

This research group is no longer active. The research efforts performed by this group are now incorporated into other active groups. This page presents the contributions made by this group while it was still active.

Current Membership
William S. Lane - Harvard University 
Brian C. Searle - Proteome Software Inc. 
Dr. Sean L. Seymour - AB SCIEX 
Dr. David L Tabb - Vanderbilt University Medical Center 
Dr Jeffrey A Kowalak - NIMH 

Electronic Posters
1)The Protein Identification Research Group 1999 Sample
    - View HTML 
2)Representative "In-Gel" Digestion Protocol for Proteins in SDS PAGE Gel Slices
    - View HTML 

1)Williams, K.R., Hellman, U., Kobayashi, R., Lane, W.W., Mische, S.M. and Speicher, D.W. 1997. Internal protein sequencing of SDS PAGE-separated proteins: A collaborative ABRF study. In Techniques in Protein Chemistry VIII. (D.R. Marshak, ed.) pp. 99-109. Academic Press, San Diego.
    - View PDF 
2)Mische, S., Hellman, U., Speicher, D. and Williams, K. 1997. Internal protein sequencing. In Encyclopedia of Bioprocess Technology. (M.C. Flickinger and S.W. Drew, eds.) John Wiley & Sons, New York, submitted.

Membership History
Member NameOrganizationDetails
Roland AnnanGlaxoSmithKline Chair: 05/98 - 01/01
Member: 03/97 - 09/97
Co-Chair: 09/97 - 04/98
Dr Hediye Erdjument-BromageSloan Kettering Inst Member: 08/95 - 02/96
Ulf HellmanLudwig Inst for Can Res Member: 03/96 - 01/01
Ryuji KobayashiUT MD Anderson Cancer Center Member: 08/95 - 08/96
William S. LaneHarvard University Chair: 09/96 - 08/97
Member: 08/95 - 09/96
Dr. David W. SpeicherThe Wistar Inst Member: 08/95 - 04/98
Kristine SwiderekZymoGenetics Member: 09/96 - 01/01
Ken R. WilliamsYale Univ, Keck Lab Chair: 08/95 - 08/96
Member: 09/97 - 04/98
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