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Protein Expression (PERG)

The mission of the Protein Expression Research Group (PERG) is (1) to educate ABRF members and scientific community on best practices in recombinant protein expression and purification, and (2) help to advance the technology in recombinant protein expression and purification as a public service for laboratories engaged in protein expression and purification. Scientific areas include eukaryotic expression (baculovirus/insect cells, and mammalian), bacterial expression, cell-free expression, construct design, protein purification (tags, increasing throughput, increasing ease), protein refolding, and cell culture.

Current Membership
Dr Fei P. Gao (Chair) - University of Kansas 
Dr. James W. Bryson - Bristol-Myers Squibb Co. 
Dr Richard J Heath - St Jude Children's Research Hospital 
Dr. Bo Xu - UTMB 
Dr Thomas Neubert (EB liaison) - New York Univ Sch of Med 

1)ABRF 2012 Study - The Protein Expression Research Group performed an internal study to assess the practicality of a new refolding Study.
    - 2012 Protein Expression RG Presentation 
2)ABRF 2011 Protein Expression RG Presentation
    - 2011 Protein Expression RG Presentation (759K)
3)ABRF 2010 Protein Expression RG Presentation
    - 2010 Protein Expression RG Presentation 
4)2009 Recombinant Protein Expression and Purification Study (Completed): Participants in the study were sent a plasmid containing the gene for yeast ADH. Study participants expressed this protein in bacteria and purified it using metal chelation affinity chromatography. From the data returned, it appears as if protein labs do not use a standardized protocol, however, for this protein at least, all methods of expression and purification gave active enzyme. Results were presented at ABRF 2009 in Memphis, TN.
    - 2009 Protein Expression RG ADH Expression Study 
    - 2009 Protein Expression RG Study Invit 
5)2007 Protein Expression RG Survey "Bottlenecks in protein expression" (Completed). Slides are available summarizing the survey conducted by the ABRF Protein Expression Research Group, February-March 2007. These slides were presented at the Protein Expression Research Group presentation at ABRF 2007 at the Tampa Convention Center, Tampa, Florida.
    - 2007 Protein Expression RG Survey Slides 

1)Recombinant Protein Laboratory Workshop held as a Satellite to the ABRF 2009 meeting in Memphis. This two day educational workshop provided an opportunity for participants to purify proteins from cell pellets using a variety of resins and perform several analyses to assess purity and yield. Both conventional procedures and an automated system were used. Participants also used a novel high-throughput screening approach to assess solubility conditions. Basic theory was covered during interactive discussion sessions.
    - Solubility Scoring Sheet 
    - Protocol Booklet (157K)
    - Solubility Screening (155K)
    - Basics of Protein Expression (1,875K)
    - Affinity Purification (8,160K)
2)ABRF 2007 Recombinant Protein Satellite Workshop held in Tampa: "State-of-the-Art Technologies for Producing High-Quality Recombinant Proteins in Core Facilities."
    - Recombinant Protein Satellite Workshop Flyer 
    - Titerless infected insect cell preservation: TIPS 
    - Expression, Optimization and Production of Recombinant Proteins in Insect Cells using Baculovirus 
    - Baculovirus-Mediated Gene Transfer into Mammalian Cells 
    - Design of protein constructs for optimal expression, and efficient methods for generating DNA expression vectors 
    - Characterization of Recombinant Protein Reagents to Assure Quality 
    - Strategies for Maximizing Heterologous Protein Expression in E. coli with Minimal Cost 
    - Cell-Free Recombinant Protein Expression (Endo-PERG2007.pdf 17.7 MB) 

Membership History
Member NameOrganizationDetails
Pamela Scott AdamsTrudeau Institute Member: 07/10 - 06/12
Ad hocEB liaison: 02/09 - 03/10
Michael DoyleBristol-Myers Squibb Pharma EB Liaison: 05/06 - 02/08
Dr. Arnold M. FalickHHMI-UC Berkeley EB liaison: 02/08 - 02/09
Dr Fei P. GaoUniversity of Kansas Member: 03/11 - 02/12
Dr. John W. HawesMiami University Chair: 02/08 - 03/09
Member: 05/06 - 02/08
Member: 03/09 - 12/10
Dr Richard J HeathSt Jude Children's Research Hospital Chair: 03/09 - 05/10
Member: 03/08 - 03/09
Dr. Cynthia KinslandCornell University Chair: 05/10 - 02/12
Member: 09/07 - 05/10
Rebecca PageBrown University Member: 06/07 - 02/11
Francis RajamohanPfizer Inc. Chair: 10/06 - 02/08
Member: 02/08 - 03/09
Member: 05/06 - 10/06
Chris W TurckMax Planck Institute of Psychiatry EB liaison: 04/10 - 02/11
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