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Computational Biology (CBRG)

New! The Computational Biology Research Group was established in March 2005. 
Please contact one of the members if you wish to join the CBRG!

MIssion Statement: Genome sequencing has identified the “catalog-of-parts” for many organisms. Reductionistic approaches have identified a function for a subset of the parts, but a description of how the parts (genome, transcriptome, proteome and metabalome) interact to maintain homeostasis is lacking. Due to the complexity (and high dimensionality) of the interactions quantitative statistical and mathematical models will be required to integrate the datasets generated from the global measurements of the system. Computational methods for data management, algorithms for statistical pattern inference and recognition, and data integration are necessary for the integrated or constructionist view of biology. The mission of the computational biology research group is to:
  • Exemplify and evaluate computational methods for bioinformatics (data exchange and management) and quantitative mathematical modeling.
  • Work with the current research groups to generate appropriate data sets for modeling. Develop methods, when needed, for quality assessment and noise-reduction for these data sets.
  • Evaluate and develop statistical methods and implement algorithms as software that can be used for the assessment of data, integration of data, and model building as needed.
  • To make such software available to the community through a web repository.
  • To educate the ABRF members on how these methods can integrate data generated in other research facilities into coherent quantitative models.

Current Membership
Preston Hensley - Lotus Translational Medicine 
Dr Jeffrey A Kowalak - NIMH 
Dr. David Landsman - NIH/NLM/NCBI 
Michael Doyle (EB Liaison) - Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharma 

1)Presentation by Eberhard Voit on Small Systems Biology
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Membership History
Member NameOrganizationDetails
Dr Kathryn S LilleyUniversity of Cambridge Member: 10/05 - 02/06
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