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Amino Acid Analysis (AAARG)

1)AAARG Study 2003
    - View study announcement (44K)
    - View abstract (39K)

Electronic Posters
1)David Chin, ABRF 2004 AAA Round Table Summary
    - View Document (72K)
2)Mike Gibson, Amino Acid Analysis by HPLC/Ninhydrin and Tandem Mass Spectrometry Detection
    - View Document (2,093K)
3)Peter Hunziker, Pre-column Method Derivatization with OPA/FMOC Fluorescence Detection
    - View Document (241K)
4)Dan Strydom, 6-Aminoquinolyl N-Hydroxysuccinimidyl Carbamate (AQC) AAA
    - View Document (5,226K)
5)Richard Thoma, AAA Post-column Ninhydrin Derivatization
    - View Document (422K)
6)ABRF AAA2003 Study - Quantitation of proteins by Amino Acid Analysis and Colorimetric Assays
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    - Supplementary material (231K)
7)AAARG Study 2001 - A collaborative study from the ABRF AAA Research Group (Preliminary poster: contains only graphs of experimetal data)
    - View Abstract (44K)
    - View preliminary poster (339K)
8)AAARG Study 1997 - Identification of Proteins Electroblotted to PVDF (in pdf format)
    - View PDF (123K)
9)ABRF '96: Biomolecular Techniques - Amino Acid Analysis Tutorial- Improving the Art and Practice of Amino Acid Analysis
    - not currently linked (aaa.htm plus sub-pages) 

1)P. Hunziker, T. T. Andersen, Y. Bao, S. A. Cohen, N. D. Denslow, J. D. Hulmes, A. M. Mahrenholz, K. Mann,h K. M. Schegg, K. A. West, and J. W. Crabb, 1999 Identification of Proteins Electroblotted to Polyvinylidene Difluoride Membrane by Combined Amino Acid Analysis and Bioinformatics: An ABRF Multicenter Study In Journal of Biomolecular Techniques Vol. 10, No. 3 September, 1999 pp. 129-136
2)Schegg, K.M., Denslow, N.D., Andersen, T.T., Bao, Y.A., Cohen, S.A., Mahrenholz, A.M. and Mann, K. 1997.Quantitation and identification of proteins by amino acid analysis. In Techniques in Protein Chemistry VIII. (D.R. Marshak ed.) pp. 207-216. Academic Press, San Diego.
3)Mahrenholz, A.M., Denslow, N.D., Andersen, T.T., Schegg, K.M., Mann, K., Cohen, S.A., Fox, J.W. and Yüksel, K.Ü. 1996. Amino acid analysis-recovery from PVDF membranes: ABRF '95AAA collaborative trial. In Techniques in Protein Chemistry VII. (D.R. Marshak, ed.) pp. 323-330. Academic Press, San Diego.
4)Yüksel, K.Ü., Andersen, T.T., Apostol, I., Fox, J.W., Crabb, J.W., Paxton, R.J. and Strydom, D.J. 1994. The hydrolysis process and the quality of amino acid analysis: ABRF-94AAA collaborative trial. In Techniques in Protein Chemistry VI. (J.W. Crabb, ed.) pp. 185-192. Academic Press, San Diego.
5)Yüksel, K.Ü., Andersen, T.T., Apostol, I., Fox, J.W., Crabb, J.W., Paxton, R.J. and Strydom, D.J. 1994. Amino acid analysis of phospho-peptides: ABRF-93AAA. In Techniques in Protein Chemistry V. (J.W. Crabb, ed.) pp. 231-240. Academic Press, San Diego.
6)Strydom, D.J., Andersen, T.T., Apostol, I., Fox, J.W., Paxton, R.J. and Crabb, J.W. 1993. Cysteine and tryptophan amino acid analysis of ABRF92-AAA. In Techniques in Protein Chemistry IV. (R. Hogue-Angeletti, ed.) pp. 279-288. Academic Press, San Diego.
7)Strydom, D.J., Tarr, G.E., Pan, Y.-C.E., and Paxton, R.J. 1992. Collaborative trial analyses of ABRF-91AAA. In Techniques in Protein Chemistry III. (R. Hogue-Angeletti, ed.) pp. 261-274. Academic Press, San Diego.
8)Tarr, G.E., Paxton, R.J., Pan, Y.-C.E., Ericsson, L.H. and Crabb, J.W. 1991. Amino acid analysis 1990: The third collaborative study from the Association of Biomolecular Resource Facilities (ABRF). In Techniques in Protein Chemistry II. (J.J. Villafranca, ed.) pp. 139-150. Academic Press, San Diego.
9)Crabb, J.W., Ericsson, L.H., Atherton, D., Smith, A.J., and Kutny, R. 1990. A collaborative amino acid analysis study from the Association of Biomolecular Resource Facilities. In Current Research in Protein Chemistry. (J.J. Villafranca, ed.) pp. 49-61. Academic Press, San Diego.
10)Niece, R.L., Williams, K.R., Wadsworth, C.L., Elliott, J., Stone, K.L., McMurray, W.J., Fowler, A.V., Atherton, D., Kutny, R. and Smith, A.J. 1989. A synthetic peptide for evaluating protein sequencer and amino acid analyzer performance in core facilities: Design and results. In Techniques in Protein Chemistry. (T. Hugli, ed.) pp. 89-110. Academic Press, San Diego.



William S. Lane (EB Liaison)  
Dr. Michail A AltermanCenter for Biologics Evaluation and Research, FDA Member: 01/99 - 02/03
David T ChinSCIOS Chair: 04/03 - 12/05
Member: 01/99 - 04/03
Reed J. HarrisGenentech Member: 01/01 - 03/04
Peter HunzikerUniversity of Zurich Chair: 05/98 - 04/03
Member: 04/03 - 03/04
Member: 04/96 - 05/98
Susana LinskensLanais-Pro Member: 09/02 - 08/03
Dr Len PackmanCambridge University EB Liason: 01/99 - 12/02
Laurey SteinkeUniversity of Nebraska Medical Center Temporary EB Liaison: 01/03 - 02/03
Karen A. WestGalson Laboratories Member: 05/98 - 05/01
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